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MonkaGrip™ Liquid Gym Chalk

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MonkaGrip™ : The Chalk that started it all.

The ultimate dry hand's grip

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MonkaGrip™  is the gym chalk that'll bring your performance to new heights. Our patent-pending liquid chalk formula dries within seconds and makes you ready for any sport! Whether you're hitting a new personal record at the gym or you're looking for that edge in basketball, golf, rock climbing, or gymnastics! Our liquid chalk will ensure your grip doesn't fail in-between sets and/or games. Take your game to new heights!

MonkaGrip™  is also a fantastic choice for these other sports:

Weightlifting: MonkaGrip™  is an excellent choice for any lifter, both beginner and advanced. Our liquid chalk is a fantastic choice for those working out at gyms that don't allow regular chalk and for those who need that extra grip to hit that new gym PR. Whether you're doing Crossfit, Olympic lifting, or just love working out and hitting new deadlift PR's - MonkaGrip™  will ensure your grip is the last thing that fails!

Basketball: Playing on the street or in a gym, MonkaGrip™  will ensure you hit every 3-pointer and keep your grip on the ball. Liquid chalk is a great choice for players looking for grip without the mess.

Golf: No more missed swings when using MonkaGrip! During those extra-hot summer days where your palms are sweating and maybe you're a few beers deep, a sweaty grip will be the least of your worries!

Rock Climbing/ Bouldering: Whether you're tackling a new outdoor rockface or you're climbing in a conditioned indoor climbing wall, MonkaGrip will ensure you can tackle grades of any level.

Gymnastics: For both amateur gymnasts and the pros, MonkaGrip™  will ensure your hands are kept dry and will allow you to land that new routine you've been working


Our patent-pending formula: SD Alcohol, Colophonium, Styrax benzoin gum, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Magnesium carbonate hydroxide.

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MonkaGrip™ Liquid Gym Chalk